If you want to have perfect eyebrows without using makeup, try our amazing Microblading technique PhiBrows. Done by a certified artist with years of experience. PhiBrows is semi-permanent, will last up to a maximum of two years. Touch up is needed after one year. The procedure is done in two visits, the first visit is about one and a half hours and the second visit is about one hour. The pigment is applied to the surface layer of the dermis using a sterilized blade. Strokes are drawn in the direction of natural hair growth to achieve a natural-looking brow.




PhiContour is a skill of semi-permanent drawing of eyeliner or lipstick. PhiContour offers different techniques to correct natural defects but also to highlight contours, different colours are available. 


You can now remove any unwanted tattooed eyebrows or tattoos with our amazing PhiRemoval method. Based on Glycolic Acid. Dramatic results after the first visit. 

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