Botox for hair is a deep conditioning treatment that gives you easy to manage, frizz-free, and lustrous hair every day for up to 6 months. After the treatment you will see a dramatic reduction in hair breakage and frizz. Your hair becomes so easy to style every day, you will literally save around 25 minutes from blow-drying and styling. This treatment will help you grow longer and healthier hair and save it from breakage. It’s no surprise that  A-list celebrities go for this treatment just before the awards and red carpet season. Suitable for all hair types.

If you suffer from worn out, damaged hair, and split ends, you should opt for this treatment once every three months. It will restore your hair back to its normal healthy state and after you can extend your visit to 6 months. 

Other Hair Botox Treatment Benefits Include:

  • Wake up with salon-worthy hair. No-Frizz

  • No more split ends

  • Repair gaps in damaged hairs and smooth down tears from straightening, brushing and colouring

  • Your hair can retain its moisture for longer

  • Less flat ironing

  • Improved hair elasticity and more bounce

  • Reduced breakage in your hair

  • Cures minor hair loss

  • You spend less on conditioners

  • You can use your time for other things you love rather than wasting time on your hair

  • Improved confidence